Thursday, August 11, 2011

Unfaithful (2002)

Where's your partner right now?

Would you jump at the chance of having a sex-based fling on the side if your romance was dwindling with your established spouse? That's just what UK director Adrian Lyne stirred up heated conversations about with his go at another erotic thriller back in 2002. "Indecent Proposal" gave away the million dollar question with feelings of resentment, "Lolita" hinted at regressive middle aged men and impulsive nymphets, and "Unfaithful" looks at the human relationship again this time through the eyes of the average couple with one kid, house and their priorities in order. Quite possibly your everything's-fine neighbor or the employee-of-the-month person next to you at work.

Little did you know that being a mature, hard-working individual wasn't always enough, but letting out the inner Casanova or Don Juan once in a while, with irresistible accent and all, to spice up your unspontaneous life might be, or possibly might not be, all it takes. Though that's just what temptations and deeper, reflective feelings are all about: sometimes they're impossible to resist and can eventually turn self-destructive if left unchecked. Can I go through with it? Is this what I really want? What if I get caught? All questions that might or might not go through one's head depending on which road is chosen. It's a can of worms that some leave unopened, while others attempt to handle the growing mess from their in-the-now, overpowering desires.

"Unfaithful" makes you feel like you're there as you get to see little, realistic details that are usually glossed over in the typical hot and steamy stimulating film. It also takes on different angles about the provoking question. Essentially it isn't a thunder-storming morality story where everything is shadowed and grim with hovering dark clouds wherever it roams. A viewer gets a tone from a drama on the surface but also tads of light fun and humor at points, though most importantly real characters reveal themselves during the expertly paced and shot film that's capable of hinting at hidden meanings even when words aren't spoken.

Rating: 9/10

Director: Adrian Lyne (Nine 1/2 Weeks, Fatal Attraction, Jacob's Ladder)
Stars: Richard Gere, Diane Lane, Oliver Martinez
Link: IMDB

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